Rug Steam Cleaning Melbourne
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Looking to give a new lease of life to your comfortable rug?

Rugs add an artistic touch and accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your abode. With long usage, even the best quality rugs need a TLC to get a new lease of life! We, at Easy Clean Melbourne, love rug cleaning! We have dealt with an array of rugs for our customers, and can identify your rug fibre, colour stability and tolerance levels to clean, at one glance!

With an experienced team, eco-friendly cleaning products and sophisticated steam cleaning equipment, we will make sure your rugs spring back to their plushy selves in no time!

Learn more about our rug cleaning services

Rug cleaning process needs meticulous attention, as even a slight variation in the methodology can damage your rugs permanently. Entrust your rug cleaning to our experienced team for satisfactory results. Our rug cleaning process is designed comprehensively.

1. Inspection by our rug specialist

We analyse the nature of the rug, i.e handmade/machine made, natural fibres/artificial fibres, slight stains/severe discolouration etc This helps us decide the exact course of action.

2. Dusting to remove loose particles

Using a duster machine, we gently coax out the loose dirt caught in the inner dredges of the rug.

3. Pre-spray

We pre-spray your rug with carpet shampoo to loosen dirt and oil. A spot remover is applied with precision, to remove unsightly spots left due to tea/coffee/wine/food spillages.

4. Steam Cleaning

After the pre-spray stage, our team steam cleans the rug with an extractor attachment. The extractor helps remove most of the moisture from the rug.

5. Optional Deodorising

If you prefer, we will neutralise the rug smell through a process called deodorising.

As we are specialised in rug cleaning and restoration, we can rake up the fibres of your rug to give you a brand new feel and apply carpet protection solution after the steam cleaning process, on request.

How are we different?

Accurate inspection

We ensure that your rug gets the best treatment. We analyse the nature of the rug before deciding on the cleaning process.

Professional Team

As our team knows the ins and outs of a superior quality clean, they get the job done with minimal interference to you.

24/ 7 customer support

We are just a phone call away for any queries and clarifications. Our helpful staff strive to ensure your peace of mind.

Competitive rates

We keep our rates affordable and transparent. We provide you an upfront no obligation quote, and give you the freedom to compare and decide.

Eco-friendly cleaning

As we aim in keeping the environment safe, we only use bio based chemicals to clean. It also makes it safe for kids/pets present in the cleaning environment.

Your rug needs specialised treatment to restore its vivid colours, patterns and plushness! Contact us for a quick consultation