Age Care Cleaning Melbourne
Get professional cleaning services following COVID guidelines.

Looking for an efficient cleaning for your retirement facility or for residential care?

Retirement homes and residential care facilities are havens for the aged who need continuous care and attention. Even slight strains of bacteria or virus can wreak havoc in the health and well-being of the frail and elderly. The problem doesn’t stop just there in a retirement facility, as cross contamination can lead to all the residents falling ill simultaneously, stretching the resources to the maximum.

Our cleaning professionals are well aware of the Cleaning, Health and Safety Standards set by the Australian governing authorities. We also take into account the guidelines set down by the National Health and Medical Research Council, for a precision clean.

Know more about our age care services

Our age care cleaning service is aimed to make the cleaning process less disruptive to the residents. Our staff are trained and certified to handle the cleaning requirements of retirement homes/residential care facilities. Learn the areas our cleaners give priority, in a retirement home.

Lounge, kitchen and dining areas

As residents spend most of the time in the lounge and dining areas, they are a hotspot for germs due to spillages and surface contamination. So we clean all surfaces with eco-friendly cleaning agents and steam clean carpets and rugs. Interior and exterior windows are cleaned to shine!

Activity/recreation areas

Recreation time is an important part of the day for residents, and it is the place where they are more prone to infections too. So, our cleaners make sure all surfaces are hygienically clean.

Toilets and washrooms

The common and private toilets are given a thorough clean including toilets, flush handles, cubicle handles, floors, (as incontinence makes them a hotspot for germs too) tiles and sinks.


Most retirement homes and residential care facilities have carpeted corridors. Our cleaners help make the corridors safe and stains/infection free.


Our cleaners help disinfect and clean upholstery, beds, furniture, windows and doors, leaving it a pleasant and hygienic place to relax in.

Why us? Learn more!

Vetted and certified staff

Our cleaning professionals go through a comprehensive induction and training process, and are well equipped to give you the best at all times.

Non toxic Cleaning solutions

We only use eco-friendly cleaning products, and ensure the elderly residents and staff are not exposed to chemical fumes.

Absolute Flexibility

We understand things might not work like clockwork in a residential facility. So, we guarantee total flexibility and empathetic approach.

Assigned site supervisor

We will be assigning you a site supervisor who will take care and manage the team, leaving you free to focus on important things.

Quality assurance

We ensure that we follow a methodical approach to fulfill all your requirements and specifications. The proof of service sheet will be filled once each requirement is catered to.

At the end of our expert service, you will experience utmost cleanliness, hygiene and a sanitised environment. Call us for a free consultation and site visit today!