Window Cleaning Melbourne
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Seeking a bright lookout spot?

Windows add a classy touch to your home or office! Easy Clean Melbourne’s regular window clean service helps you enjoy sparkling clean windows throughout the day, everyday! Our experienced team can handle window cleaning for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls etc In addition to removing streaks and stains from standard windows, we also help with cleaning venetian blinds, fly screens, pool fencing balustrade, solar panels, skylights etc

Our trained cleaning technicians take due care to deliver spectacular results in a timely manner!

Learn more about our window cleaning services!

Our window cleaning service is professional and safe. By skillfully removing stains, smudges and foggy edges, our team helps improve the aesthetics of your home in a sparkling way! Our window cleaning services includes,

Site inspection

We do a site inspection to determine the equipment and supplies that our team has to bring. This is quite an important step for high-rise buildings.

Preliminary Cleaning

This involves removal of cobwebs and surface dirt using scratch free window scrapers. We also polish clean PVC frames and window sills.

Interior window cleaning

Ammonia free glass cleaning agents are used for indoor window cleaning, to protect your carpets and polished floors from stains. Protective mats are also used to cover the floor area under the windows. We use plastic tipped squeegees, microfibre cloths and paper tissues for a non scratch smudge free finish.

Exterior window cleaning

Exterior windows are sprayed with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and wiped clean with plastic tipped squeegees. For high rise windows, we use ladders and a water fed pole cleaning hoses. We follow proper safety protocols for an effective clean.

Why entrust your window cleaning to us

On time, everytime

As we understand your schedules and preferences, we are always on time and come equipped with all supplies and equipment.

Regular cleaning service

Our regular cleaning schedules are affordable and reliable. We can customise the plan as per your specifications.

Responsible Staff

Our professional team takes utmost care of your property. They use shoe covers on feet to ensure dirt free treads, and can skillfully shift delicate furniture and fixtures to prevent accidental damage.

Open communication

We pride ourselves in keeping the communication channel open at all times! You are always kept in the loop for any cleaning decisions.

Competitive rates

We charge for the number of windows, and not based on the suburb you live in! Our prices are transparent and honest.

We strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way, and ensure a superior clean every time! Get in touch today!