Builders Cleaning Melbourne
Get professional cleaning services following COVID guidelines.

Home or office construction/alterations making you happy and worried at the same time?

No doubt the renovation you dreamed of, is a reality now. But, any alterations/construction/improvements done to your home or commercial outlet, might lead to a buildup of debris and dirt. Though the builders do a cursory clean to clear clutter and big pieces of debris, they cannot do a thorough clean to make the area liveable. Easy Clean Melbourne is all set to step in, and make the premises habitable and ensure your utmost comfort! We are happy to tailor a bespoke cleaning service to suit your requirements.

Our site supervisor does an initial safety check and inspection to make sure that the new alterations are secure and safe for occupancy. Then our cleaning experts step in. We have a wonderful team who love cleaning! Whatever the type of after builder cleaning, they get down with rolled up sleeves and an honest commitment! We only use eco-friendly cleaning products and sophisticated equipment. From floors to ceilings, and everything in between including crawlspaces, no area escapes the eyes and hands of our master team!

Know more about our after builder cleaning service

Once Easy Clean Melbourne completes the job, you will be left with a spotless space that is safe to occupy. Based on the building work carried out, your cleaning needs will vary. So, we put together a customised service package for you. Our builder cleaning services includes,

  • Removal of masking tapes, plastic covers and tarps.
  • Window cleaning along with scraping of paint over-spray.
  • Dust and debris removals from walls, ceilings, crawlspaces and nooks.
  • Clearing out sharp nails, wood chips, metal scraps and debris
  • Clean scrub of tiles, sink, stainless steel counters and outlets
  • Clean vacuum/ steam cleaning of the interiors
  • Unpacking/ clearing up the boxes/ cleaning the exteriors of all appliances
  • Clearing up of wire scraps after the electrical crew finish their work.
  • Scrap up of excess paint from floors
  • Sweeping and mopping for wooden floors
  • Removal of construction scraps/trash from the premises.
  • If the service you seek is not listed here, talk to our team for a happy deal!

Why are we different?!

We take incharge

We know how precious your time is. Our site supervisor and team take full charge, and ensure perfection with minimal supervision.

Professional team

Our team of cleaners are an ideal mix of experience and skills. They are also periodically trained in different types of cleaning.

A hassle free process

from first point of contact, we keep the communication open and honest. No confusion or substandard work!

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is competitive and transparent. No hidden charges or fees whatsoever. We quote upfront and keep it affordable!

Customer centric approach

We put your comfort first, and our customer support team is responsive and responsible. We ensure quick resolution of queries and concerns.

Entrust your after builders cleaning to us, and step into a clean haven! Call us today for a free consultation and an instant quote.