Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
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Carpet cleaning on your mind?

Carpets, in addition to being comfortable to stride on, add a sophisticated appeal to your home or office. Unfortunately, they are prone to staining too. A thorough carpet clean is the way to go for a long lasting usage. Easy clean Melbourne has rich experience in the carpet cleaning industry, and can make your carpets shine with our hygiene focussed intense cleaning services. From acrylic, wool to nylon,we have dealt with different varieties of carpets. This has given us insights and helped us develop proven techniques for an efficient cleaning process for each type.

We use high performance equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products. Our team can help clean even along the hard to reach edges, with specialised tools. Stubborn stains and unsightly blemishes will be dealt with efficiently. When our team completes the work, your carpets will be brimming with a new lease of life.

Learn more about the carpet cleaning services we offer

As mentioned earlier, different carpets require different methods of cleaning. Talk to us about your carpet specifications, and get a straightforward quote from us. Our carpet cleaning services includes,

Hot water extraction cleaning

Recommended to be used for a professional carpet clean, HWE is a method where hot water and detergent are sprayed simultaneously on a carpet area. Once that is done, the water is extracted back and this makes the dissolved dirt getting extracted too. This gives a deep clean without any damage to the carpet.

Carpet steam cleaning

This is the preferred method for homes and small offices. Though it might cause damage to man made carpet fibers in some cases, carpet steam cleaning is both effective and efficient.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

Due to the advent of more sophisticated techniques, most of our customers do not prefer this cleaning methodology. However, if you prefer a traditional shampoo clean method, we are happy to do that too. The downside is – Though we are very thorough in cleaning the shampoo from the carpet, some remnants of the shampoo might be left behind. This might lead to unsightly white patches as the carpet dries.

Bonnet cleaning

If you require a quick cleaning in your commercial establishments with lots of foot falls, we do bonnet cleaning which involves quick cleaning the upper portion of the carpets with motorised equipment. The carpet dries fast as only low amounts of liquid (water and detergent) is used.


In this method, we brush a chemical into your carpet using a rotating brush. Once the carpet dries off, the loosened dirt particles would disintegrate into a fine powder, which can be vacuuming off easily. The advantage of this method is less use of water and quick results.

Dry Carpet cleaning

Also called as compound cleaning, dry carpet cleaning is an evolving method for a quick and efficient clean. We have the specialised equipment for a seamless dry clean.

Why choose us for your carpet cleaning needs?

Specialised consultant

Our specialised consultant can walk you through the cleaning process most suited to your carpet specifications. This will help avoid any damage to your carpets.

Fast work with superior finish

As we have an experienced team, they get the carpet cleaning done with minimal interference to your schedules.

Efficient clean

We have a skilled team backed by sophisticated cleaning equipment and superior eco-friendly cleaning supplies. So, naturally our cleaning is thorough and efficient.

Affordable price

We keep our prices competitive and quote upfront. No hidden charges to give a nasty surprise at the end. Our customised quotes are affordable and reasonable too.

Open communication

We keep you on the loop every step of the way. If additional cleaning is required, we will advise you on the same and do not just add the cost after taking the decision ourselves.

Trust us for a professional carpet cleaning service on a budget! Call us today for a free consultation!