Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne
Get professional cleaning services following COVID guidelines.

Upholstery cleaning weighing heavy on your mind?

As a favourite spot for your family to relax in, your upholstery is an integral part of your home. They are also prone to staining and bacterial – dirt build-up. So, a professional cleaning service becomes imperative. Easy Clean Melbourne specialises in effective upholstery cleaning with proven results. As pioneers in the upholstery cleaning industry, we understand that each piece of your upholstery is unique, and there is no one way to clean it!

Our couch cleaning team has years of experience cleaning upholstery made of different sorts of fabrics and leather finishes. Our customised cleaning process is all set to enhance the look and feel of your upholstery in no time!

Know more about our upholstery cleaning service

Our certified cleaners can bring back the brand new feel to your couch sofa, lounge furniture and upholstery, by skillfully removing unsightly stains and unpleasant odours. Our upholstery cleaning process is designed to suit all kinds of fabrics.

1. Fabric Testing

Your upholstery fabric will be tested for fabric construction, dye stability and nature of fibre. This will help us tailor the best cleaning method.

2. Surface vacuum

Our team runs the professional vacuum cleaner along the full surface of the upholstered furniture including hard to reach corners and under cushions.

3. Spot Treatment

We use spot remover for unsightly stains and blemishes.

4. Pre-spray

Our team pre-sprays the upholstered furniture with shampoo, and allows time for the soap to agitate and loosen built-in dirt and oil.

5. Steam Cleaning

Next step is steam cleaning with a sophisticated cleaner with extractor attachment. This allows the moisture to be extracted fast.

We also deodorise and apply professional fabric stain protector, on your request. For leather finish upholstery, we can also do conditioning treatment to enhance the aesthetics.

Know what sets us apart from others

Expert team

With a right mix of skills and knowledge, our professional team can give you best results within a short time.

No mess process

As upholstery cleaning is mostly carried out with children present in the vicinity, we take care to ensure minimal fuss and noise.

Fuss free booking

Our booking process is designed to make it convenient to book us at short notice. Once the initial inspection to ascertain the nature of your upholstery is complete, The cleaning process commences immediately.

Responsive customer care

Our customer support staff are knowledgeable and helpful. They strive for a quick resolution of queries and complaints.

Competitive Quote

We aim to make the cleaning process as affordable as possible. We have standard and customised packages at affordable rates.

Our upholstery cleaning service helps restore the vivid colours and aesthetic patterns of your favourite upholstered furniture. We are just a phone call away!