Disinfection Services Melbourne
Get professional cleaning services following COVID guidelines.

Fear of infection looming in your mind?

With COVID 19 wrecking havoc throughout the world, it is natural that you want your premises to be hygienic and free from viral strains! Easy Clean Melbourne accomplishes this with our electrostatic no-contact spray cleaning services for sanitising and disinfecting. In addition to killing around 99.9% of the germs and viruses, our cleaning service is nontoxic and safe for your family, pets and plants!

Our professional team follows specific procedures and checklists to ensure even hard to reach areas get due attention. We can tailor a unique plan to suit your requirements and specifications.

Know more about our electrostatic disinfection services!

As non contact is the way of life now, our disinfection services are designed to be effective and efficient with minimal disruption to you.

Electrostatic spray for homes/offices

This is the most innovative and sophisticated method for impeccable disinfection cleaning. We use a cleaning solution that is first combined with air, and atomised by an electrode fitted inside the sprayer. When sprayed, the positively charged particles in the cleaning solution will coat all surfaces and objects, including tiny cracks. This way, even the hard to reach areas like corners, and the underside/backside of furniture are sanitised effectively.

Disinfection misting service

This is ideal for places where a large number of people congregate. Disinfection misting is where an effective virucidal spray is used to sanitise large areas within a short timeframe. The spray particles bond and create a transparent shield over the surfaces, which keeps protected from harmful germs for longer periods of time.

Why us for your Disinfection requirements?

CoronaVirus focussed cleaning – We follow protocols set out by the Australian Government Department of Health, and our technicians are fully trained to make the environment absolutely safe for occupancy.

Car disinfection

We love 2 in 1 services! When you hire us for your home or office, we can also carry out disinfection of your car simultaneously. From dashboards to exteriors, we spray and clean every part of your car with disinfection focussed approach.

Convenient cleaning schedules

We are always ready to assist you with last minute requests! Once the job commences, our team is even ready to work overtime, till the job is completed to perfection. No compromises or half hearted attempts for a quick clean.

Responsive customer service

We perfectly understand the disruption a thorough cleaning might cause. So, we are always focussed on the comfort and convenience of our customers, and ensure quick resolution of queries and concerns.

Competitive rates

We set out to make the professional cleaning process affordable for all! So, our quotes are comprehensive, competitive and transparent. No hidden charges!

Disinfection is quite an integral part for a healthy life, and we make sure you get the best service.